Cartwheel School

Day 19
It's a cartwheel place where only girls can practise their cartwheels. They love it there, but sometimes they get frustrated when their teachers get missing again.

Starting at the bottom where the somersalters go.

Now going to the place where the go-hand-standers go. (next level up)

And the next level above that, where small people practising cart-wheels go.

Now going to the level above that, where the run-up somersalters go.

And now the very last level we have the big girl run-up cart-wheelers.

And now let's do what they're thinking.

The ones in the bottom are thinking: 'I can't wait until we can teach other girls go-somer-salting.'

And the next level above that level, the ones there are thinking: 'Oh, I can't wait until I'm a grown up.'

Now for the ones above that second level, there the small-people cart-wheelers are thinking: 'When will I be eleven?'

And the next level above that level is where the somersalters are and they're thinking: 'Oh, it's going to be so nice when we can teach them.'

Now, it's the level above that level 'Oh, I can't wait until we can teach people how to do hand-stands.'

And the very last of it is 'Oh, it's such a nice place to be. Wait a minute, where did our teachers go?'

And that's the end of the story.