Telephone Booths

Day 4

Peter draws lots of stuff. His official page is peterbrandt.com.au. He uses coloured chalk - technical name for them is soft pastel, though this might be confused with the other use of the word pastel to indicate pale colours. While Peter's work does tend to be light, there are also strong colours. He draws on fabric. In Australia we call this fabric calico but turns out this word means different things in different countries. Linen is a nicer word, though the fibre fanatic in the house insists it's cotton rather than linen. Calling it linen works for a lot of people, so we might be going with that.

The telephone boxes were drawn from a detail of a photo from an old photography magazine. The colours in the drawing were adjusted to be lighter the further away the box was to alleviate the sameness in the original photo. The drawing is for sale here.